About me

I took up beekeeping nearly three years ago – in late spring 2015.

I find it absolutely fascinating – there is SO much to learn. I’ve been very fortunate and have an extremely experienced and incredibly kind beekeeper to guide me along my way. I keep my hive in a beautiful, peaceful suburban apiary where all the beekeepers are pretty wonderful! I really feel I have landed on my feet.

My first year was brilliant, I learned so much. I even ended up with about 40lbs of honey which I hadn’t been expecting. I realise, now, that was ‘beginners luck’.

My second year was far less successful – but I learnt considerably more. My colony didn’t survive the winter well – and was very weak. It was suffering from deformed wing virus and nosema. It didn’t survive, which was very sad. Then I bought a new colony but it didn’t seem to want to get going. The suppliers were very good to me and after much discussion they sent me a new queen. After that I felt much more positive. But it was a year of knowledge not honey.

During summer 2016 I took the Basic Bee Assessment – which I thoroughly recommend doing. I ended the year with one fairly strong colony. It is now March 2017 and my hive is looking good from without – hopefully I will have a look inside soon.

I wonder what fun and games this year will hold….

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