All settled down for winter

It is the most beautiful, warm sunny day and I thought this was a good opportunity to check the varroa drop and decide whether or not to remove the Biowar strips.

I counted about six mites, fallen over the last couple of week so decided  to remove them as they already have been in place for six weeks. I tried to work as quickly and carefully as possible as I didn’t like to disturb them now that they are all clustering ready for winter. They were very docile and probably a bit irritated with me for interfering. There were quite a few bees out and about taking advantage of this late sunny weather.

I also removed the remaining syrup as they are not taking this down. The hive feels good and heavy so I have decided not to add any fondant yet. I have also put wire around the hive to protect it from woodpeckers – I am pleased to see there are lot around this year despite the number of parakeets muscling in on their territory. We had young green woodpeckers feeding on our lawn this summer, which I haven’t seen before.


I went to the National Honey Show for the first time this year – it quite amazing to see all the different things that people do with honey and hive products. I bought myself a jacket which I feel will be much more useful at this time of year than the full suit.

I have enjoyed this year with my bees so much – but I had hoped I would be going into winter with two hives. I am disappointed that this isn’t the case so have ordered a over-wintered nuc for next spring. Once again, my plan is to have two hives this time next year. We shall see…

Lesson to self: things don’t always go to plan but you generally learn a lot more.