A quick look…

Much excitement! I restrained myself and left the Apidea for two weeks but thought this was long enough without topping up the fondant. I was a bit worried about adding more fondant and accidentally killing some bees, but it was much more straightforward than I expected. I thought I might as well have a quick look at the drawn out comb. I noticed that there was some pollen (good sign) – and then I saw some eggs – not very many, but definitely eggs on one side of one frame. And then, there she was. My new queen. She must have only just started laying.

I can’t begin to describe how thrilling this was. Nature is completely wonderful when it works as it should. Mind you, earlier in the same day, I watched the sparrow hawk swoop down and take one of our baby robins. Only three out of four survived the nest in the shed – and  now there are only two left. Not quite so palatable!

The picture below was taken a couple of years ago but is rather lovely.




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