Looking better


Liz seems to be doing well and the colony is expanding. I have been moving the new frames, once drawn and containing eggs towards the centre of the brood. Today I introduced a second brood box and I have put the old frames in it and placed it at the bottom. Then added a queen excluder and put the new frames with the queen into the top brood box. Fed them and closed it up.

I will leave this for 24 days for all the brood to emerge.

It is quite interesting as they have only drawn the new frames out to the depth of the smaller frames – whereas when I transferred from one size frame to another last year they built masses of brace comb under the frames, filling all the space.

The nuc is not good news – I have no idea if the emerged queen is in the colony or not. She certainly isn’t laying yet.

But the other really exciting thing is that we are going to have a go at queen rearing. G has put one frame of new ‘V’ shaped foundation into the centre of one of his colonies and the theory is that by next week they will have started to draw this out. Hopefully the queen will fill it with eggs and we will go from there. He has kindly given us each an Apidea mating hive, and I have already made up the frames – somewhat prematurely!

I do look forward to my visits to my lovely bees. I am so lucky to belong to such a beautiful place, to be able to just sit and watch. It is difficult to believe that this little haven of peace and quiet is to be found in the London suburbs.

Out of the apiary I have made some delicious honey and ginger ice cream – it is so easy and I have put my recipe on this site.


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