Colourful hives

ruche d'abeille

We’re just back from a week in France – and I think their beehives are much more fun that ours. I was tempted to get some paint but it was a bit out of our way – and it probably wouldn’t work alongside all the other hives, so …

Back to my brown hive, and Sunday was my first inspection of the year. I was so excited! But sadly, my little bees are not doing very well at all. Despite being treated with Apistan strips in September and Oxalic acid in December, varroa has got the better of them and they are suffering from withered wing and there is very little brood. I did see Guinevere and she looked pretty active which was encouraging.  I’m going to have to do something about it, but I am not all that optimistic if I’m honest with myself.


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