Feels like Spring

I really feel Spring just might have arrived. It is such a beautiful sunny day – the daffodils are out and I have been watching great tits going in and out of the bird box. So much earlier than in previous years. There doesn’t seem to be much activity around the other boxes yet. Also I’ve been a bit worried about lack of frogspawn – there has been masses in the pond at the apiary for quite a while so I thought the fox and ‘Flossie’ from next door had probably seen off the frogs. But no, about a week ago, there must have been a great deal of activity as the pond has more spawn now than we have ever had before.


On Sunday I went along for my weekly visit to the bees – it was lovely, the sun was out and it felt like Spring. There was a wren pottering about and it was singing its little heart out. Also, a little field mouse pottering around under my hive, eating I don’t know what (very sweet, but I’ll keep the mouse guards on a bit longer).

I’ve been a bit worried about when to remove the super that I added last September. Back then I  had thought there were too many bees to reduce the hive to just the brood box – I’ve no idea whether or not it was the right thing to do – but that’s what I did.

My mentor – who shall be called G – thought it was warm enough to remove it. It was so straightforward – there were barely any bees in the super and they were easy to shake off. There is a little granulated ivy honey in some of them but I don’t think it will be an issue. One had quite a lot of it so I have taken advice – soaked it briefly in water and put it back in an eke. Hopefully they will take the honey down below as it should be a bit softer now. I’ll put the rest of the frames in the freezer .



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